‘Bollywood vs Regional cinema’

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The film feast of day 3 at CIFFI started with zest, zeal and enthusiasm. ‘Bollywood vs Regional cinema’ was discussed in the master class conducted by Mr. Prince Shadwal and Mr. Raj Gupta, Independent filmmakers at the Studio 62, DME.

Post felicitation of both the guests, Marathi short film ‘Dhaaga’ produced and directed by Prince Shadwal enthralled the budding filmmakers.

It was an open dialogue where the experts interacted with the curious students.

Mr. Prince Shadwal discussed the limitations of regional cinema specifying the financial constraints, limited viewership and Regional film distributors issues of less number of screens.

Mr. Raj Gupta, while detailing the pre-production and production of their film Dhaaga said, that initially he wrote this film in Hindi. Untrained actors were taken in the roles because of limited budget and spoke on certain unplanned shots given in to the regional climatic conditions mentioning the rain sequence during the climax was unplanned.

Mr. Raj also added that the scope of regional cinema has widened because of the emergence of online platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime.

At last, Mr. Prince Shadwal gave a much-needed tip to aspiring filmmakers of being patient and working consistently.

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