Deakin School of Communication and Creative Arts

Deakin School of Communication and Creative Arts

The School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) opens the door to a dynamic and diverse curriculum in the artistic and communicative fields. The students discover creative programs in the visual and performing arts, communication, film and digital media, journalism and public relations, media, writing and literature that synthesise industry experience, research and innovation. With 15 specialised teaching disciplines, the students of School of Communication and Creative Arts express their individuality, challenge the norm and create without limitations.

Our research is both blue sky and translational, and we partner with a range of arts bodies, major festivals, libraries and schools, community groups, industries, and government at all levels to deliver leading traditional and non-traditional research outcomes.

High-impact researchers in SCCA work across four main fields: communication, writing and literature, art and performance, and screen and design. Our research is focused on the cutting edge of critical, creative and practice-based interventions into real-world problems. Our researchers include award winning artists, writers and performers, leading scholars, and emerging talent across our fields of concern.

Deakin’s communication and creative arts students have access to professional standard equipment and facilities at both the Melbourne Burwood and Geelong Waterfront campuses.

Technology and expert guidance come together to provide our students with the best possible environment to inspire creativity.