Panel Discussion

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‘Bollywood films:Indian Diaspora & Australian market’ was discussed in the panel on day 2 of CIFFI 2019. Medium being no boundaries, the discussion proceeded via the virtual conferencing mode with Dr. Vikrant Kishore and Mr. Anupam Sharma from Australia and the film audience at Studio 62, DME. Dr. Vikrant Kishore is the course director of Film, Tv & Animation & senior lecturer in screen and designing at Deakin university, Melbourne, Australia.Mr. Anupam Sharma is an Australian filmmaker of Indian origin. The panel discussion was moderared by Ms. Sara Lamberg.
In an open dialogue, Ms. Sara Lamberg chose some interesting questions for the Australian Panel to answer. Dr. Vikrant Kishore emphasized that consumption of Indian films in Australia has increased immensely and now it is common to see Indian films featuring on top 10 in Australia. How to control film piracy from being a threat to film industry was an intriguing point of discussion. He added that Indian people in Australia want to watch more and more Bollywood movies.
New investors from Australia want to invest in Bollywood films. How to create a video audience for Indian films in Australia and vice versa was the topic that drew maximum attention.
The panel discussion ended with question -answer round with students and faculty members.

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