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SASMA – Cineaste International Film Festival of India


South Asian Stories made in Australia

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The South Asian population in Australia has seen a tremendous growth over last two decades, with India listed at number two, and Sri Lanka at number ten according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report – Australia’s population by top 10 countries of birth – at 30 June 2020 (ABS, 2020 online). The production, distribution, and consumption of South Asian screen content has witnessed drastic increase in Australia, yet Australian mainstream media has terribly underrepresented the South Asians. While multiple attempts at forging relations with South Asia, especially Indian film industry has been made, but generally, locally made South Asians content and talent in Australia have been overlooked, and they hardly find space in the mainstream media/film/television. Thus, SASMA aims to celebrate the Australia made South Asian content, and to provide the filmmakers/content creators to share and discuss their work with a wider audience.

South Asian Stories made in Australia (SASMA) will provide exciting opportunities for Australian South Asian filmmakers to present their content to a wider audience, participate in online panel discussions on issues of content creation, production, distribution, and funding through traditional as well as new media outlets. There will be opportunity to network with filmmakers and experts from across the globe during the CIFFI festival.

SASMA is Curated by Dr Vikrant Kishore, Deakin University, Australia and Prof. Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, India


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